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  • MSA Monthly (In-Person & Zoom) Meeting - February 15, 2024 - "The Very Long History of Jadeite Mining in Japan.” Presented by Alfredo Petrov

MSA Monthly (In-Person & Zoom) Meeting - February 15, 2024 - "The Very Long History of Jadeite Mining in Japan.” Presented by Alfredo Petrov

  • 02/15/2024
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • (In Person Meeting): Franciscan Renewal Center, (Piper Hall), 5802 E. Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85253
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Franciscan Renewal Center, (PIPER HALL),

February 15, 2024 @ 7.30 pm Arizona time

"The Very Long History of

Jadeite Mining in Japan.

Presented by Alfredo Petrov


* MEETING is on 3rd Thursday.

* Open to bring and share refreshments.

* May bring (1) Example of Mineral of the Month for Show & Tell

* MEETING will be (In-Person) and (Zoom).

The MSA February 15, 2024 program will be presented by Alfredo Petrov, "The Very Long History of Jadeite Mining in Japan."  We all know the famous jadeite of Myanmar (Burma), but how many know that this was a relatively recent discovery, going back perhaps 1,000 years, whereas trade in jadeite goes back 6 or 7,000 years in Japan? We will visit this jadeite-bearing region of Japan as armchair travelers, and see some of the scenery, culture, history, and of course lots of jadeite and its rare associated mineral species. We will also learn about the mystery of why knowledge of the existence of this jadeite became completely forgotten for over a thousand years until it was rediscovered just a hundred years ago. And we will find out how to find some for ourselves if we go to Japan as tourists."  

Alfredo was born in England, graduated high school in Ethiopia, studied a year in Beirut, Lebanon, then came to the USA to study geology, where he also had a part-time student job in the mineral department of the San Diego Natural History Museum (which still had a mineral department back then). After graduation with BS in Geology, he worked for many years in Japan and Bolivia, and currently splits his time between homes in Spain and Tucson, where he works for Jewel Tunnel, the company of his late mentor Rock Currier and spends lots of time on the management team of  

Alfredo is a world-renowned mineralogist, author, rare mineral dealer and avid micromounter who writes for numerous publications including Rocks and Minerals, The Mineralogical Record, Mineral News, and Lapis.

Mark the date on your calendars as Mineralogical Society of Arizona is honored to host the great ALFREDO PETROV for his very special program!

Meeting starts at 7.30PM Arizona time.


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