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     Arizona's Oldest Mineral Society


Chris Whitney-Smith | President:

As president, Chris ensures that the Club is able to work for its members and community as you've come to expect from this great society.

CHRIS: ”Everyday I get the opportunity to offer help and support for gem and mineral enthusiasts through innovative networking, marketing and leadership opportunities! Plus our Club is an AMAZING community!"

The MSA is Arizona’s Oldest Mineral Society and crystallized his passion for service with earth science organizations in finding ways to inspire others to explore worlds that most people never knew existed and to mentor all ages in the beauties and mysteries of the Mineral Kingdom.

Chris had privilege to help MSA spearhead the “Wulfenite is Love” campaign with Dr. Alex Schauss that helped make Wulfenite the Official Arizona State Mineral in 2017, and proved that Wulfenite is Loved.

We live in a golden age of exploration with clubs such as MSA and resources like and Google Earth at our fingertips! Here’s to the adventure of the hunt, the thrill of a new discovery and meeting new friends.

Steve Kaminski
Vice President

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Wendy Brodhagen

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Dr. Nathan Scholten

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Dr. Ray Grant
(Immediate Past President)

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Stan Celestian 2024
Julia Galvan 2024  

Bob Holm 2025

Tess Garvey 2025

Dr. Mike Williams 2026
Carlie Murphy 2026


Editor, Newsletter - Joseph Philpott
Associate Editor, Newsletter - Cameron Reichert

Chair, Bulletin - Chris Whitney-Smith

Curator, Mineral Collection - Chris Whitney-Smith EMAIL
hair, Field Trip Committee - Stan Celestian EMAIL

Chair, Programs - Chris Whitney-Smith 

Chair, Membership - Julia Galvan EMAIL
Chair, Junior MSA/FRA - OPEN EMAIL
Webmaster - Anna-Lena Seedhill EMAIL

Chair, Awards Committee - Chris Whitney-Smith

Coordinator, Education & Outreach - Lynne Dyer EMAIL
Coordinator, Social and Refreshment - Carlie Murphy EMAIL
Coordinator, Hospitality - Bob Holms EMAIL
Chair & Associate Videographer - Steve Kaminski EMAIL
MSA Program Preservation Video Archive (PPVA) Committee: Chris Whitney-Smith, Dr. Shirley Fiske, Steve Kaminski

2024 Phoenix Heritage Mineral Show Co-Chairs - Les Presmyk & Chris Whitney-Smith

Curator, 2035 Centennial - Chris Whitney-Smith EMAIL


1935-1950 Arthur L. Flagg

1951 Milford (Ben) Benham

1951-1952 E. R. Blakey

1952-1954 Floyd Getsinger

1955-1956 Katherine (Katy) Trapnell

1957-1958 Bill Reed

1959 Moulton Smith

1960-1962 Fred Burr

1963 Harold Lamb

1964 Bob Jones

1965 Bill Reed

1966-1967 Walter Peck

1968-1969 Cy Hartman

1970-1971 Leo Langland

1972-1973 Perry Stufflebeam

1974 Marion Sterner

1975 Bob Goodrich

1976-1977 Dr. Ray Grant

1978 Marc Watson

1979-1982 Al Toberman

1983-1984 Alice Smith

1985 Jeff Scovil

1986 Joe McIntosh

1987-1988 Sarah Foster

1989-1990 Les Presmyk

1991 Jeff Scovil

1992-1993 Dr. Shirley Fiske

1994 Paul Flores

1995 Dr. Shirley Fiske

1996-1997 Gilbert Flores

1998-1999 Lois Splendoria

2000 Dr. Shirley Fiske

2001-2002 Tom Horton

2003-2004 Gilbert Flores

2005 Dr. Shirley Fiske

2006 Gilbert Flores

2007 Betty Deming

2008 Ed Nichols

2009 Lois Splendoria

2010-2011 Roger Deming

2012-2013 Dr. Raymond W. Grant

2014 - Present Chris Whitney-Smith


Mary Bishop

Shirley Croegaert

Don Cross

Betty Deming

Lynne Dyer

Terry Dyer

Dr. Shirley Fiske

Richard Flagg

Marjorie Flagg

Gilbert Flores Jr.

Paul Flores

Robert Goodrich

Nancy Goodrich

Cynthia Grant

Dr. Raymond W. Grant

Lee Herk

Joanne Hesterman

Bob Jones

Dr. Jeff Langland

Wilma Michel

Lois Nelson

Sarah Pavlik

Ed Posser

Les Presmyk

Bill Robertson

Judy Robertson

Edward Schaffer

Jeff Scovil

Lt. CMDR Gary Sonnenberg

Lois Splendoria

Les Wagner

Dave Bishop

Walter Jonson

Catherine Johnson


2013 Glenn Cook

2013 Linda Cook

2013 Alice Held

2013 Gordon Miner

2013 Marjorie Miner

2013 John Rusinek

2013 Terry Ullery

2014 Richard Brundige

2014 Shirley Cote

2014 Dough Duffy

2014 Theodore Kappel

2014 Robert Lagodny

2014 Tony Occhiuzzi

2014 Dr. Alexander Schauss

2015 Bob Evans

2015 Katy Mendelson

2015 Maria Nichols

2015 Hon. Joe A. Ruiz

2015 Brian Schwenk

2015 Cody Schwenk

2015 Dr. Mike Williams

2016 Gene Groves

2016 Larae Groves

2016 Diane Lockwood

2016 Dr. Nathan Scholten

2016 Jim Simpson

2016 William W. Warren

2016 Dr. John Weide

2016 Gary Weyandt

2016 Genie Howell

2016 Pierre Cantou

2017 John Tibbits

2017 Ron Witter

2017 Dr. Bob Blake

2017 Stacey Somero

2017 Barb Schischa

2017 James Robb

2017 Cherie Robb

2017 Joe Philpott Sr.

2017 Dan Janko

2018 Ken Moffitt

2018 Michael Anderson

2018 Jack Kepper

2018 David Tibbits

2019 James Armstrong

2024 Wolfgang Mueller


2012 John Weber

2013 John Houzenga

2013 Patti Polk

2013 Hon. Rose Mofford

2014 Dr. Carleton B. Moore

2014 Phil Richardson

2014 Ed Nichols

2015 Ron Ginn

2015 Chris Whitney-Smith

2015 Dana Slaughter

2016 Bob Holm


2013 Lois Splendoria

2014 Joseph Philpott Jr.

2015 Lynne Dyer

2016 Dr. Nathan Scholten

2017 Don Boushelle

2017 Maggie Lyons (Junior)

2018 Steve Kaminski

2018 David Tibbits (Junior)

2019 Bob Holm

2019 Wyatt Busby (Junior)

2020 Anna-Lena Seedhill

2020 Colton Kalina (Junior)

2021 Stan Celestian

2021 Elyse Campbell (Junior)

2022 Chris Whitney-Smith

2022 Hannah Brodhagen (Junior)

2023 Carlie Murphy

2023 Nathanael Brodhagen (Junior)


Mineralogical Society of Arizona's purpose is to promote interest and education in Earth Science, and related fields.

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