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Fossils in the Pennsylvanian Naco Formation

  • 05/21/2022
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Near Payson, Arizona

Anthracospirifer occiduus, a "jasperized" fossil brachiopod from the Naco formation


MAY 21 (SATURDAY) 2022

The meeting place is at the intersection of Forest Road (FR) 32 and Chase Creek which is about 1.4 miles north of FR 64, Control Road.  The collecting area is north of Whispering Pines and Payson.  For a topographic map view of the meeting place see image 1 below.

Meeting Time:  9:30 AM  Be there ready to go, go go!

What to CollectJohn Christian will lead members to an area of the Pennsylvanian Naco Formation to find fossil brachiopods, corals, sponges and even wood.  Some of the invertebrate fossils have been replaced with jasper.

Vehicle:  All passenger vehicles are OK on the well maintained dirt roads.

Equipment:  Small hammer, screwdriver, good boots, protective clothing, gloves, something to put you treasures in, sunscreen, hat, snacks, water, etc.  John suggests you bring a whistle with you.  (Everyone should carry one with them when out and about.)

Physical Requirement:  The trip will involve about 1 or 2 miles of hiking over moderate slopes.

Contact Information:  John Christian:

 480-299-9663 or

 Use CTRL and "+" to increase image size, and CTRL and "-" to decrease image size.

IMAGE 1 - A topographic map view of the area around the meeting spot.  The latitude and longitude of the meeting spot are also provided.  Note the location of Whispering Pines near the bottom of the image.


Image 2 shows the relationship of the Meeting Spot (near top of image) and the main state routes (260 and 87), Payson, Whispering Pines as well as another spot of Geologic interest which is a view point for the Great Unconformity.  (More information is found below.)


What is the Great Unconformity you ask?  I'm glad you asked that question.  I have created a short video answering that burning question.  Here is a link to it that is on my YouTube Channel:


This is the view of the Great Unconformity.  So, as you are driving along Houston Mesa Road north of Payson, definitely make a short stop to see the Geologic wonder.  Early morning is a fine time of the day to view it... as well as contemplating your existence in the cosmos.


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