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  • MSA Monthly (In-Person & Zoom) Meeting - October 21, 2021 - "Mineralogy of Arizona-Fourth Edition” Presented by Dr. Raymond Grant

MSA Monthly (In-Person & Zoom) Meeting - October 21, 2021 - "Mineralogy of Arizona-Fourth Edition” Presented by Dr. Raymond Grant

  • 10/21/2021
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Limited Seating/Masks Required (In Person & Zoom Meeting): Franciscan Renewal Center, (Piper Hall), 5802 E. Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85253
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MSA Monthly Meeting - October 21 2021


Franciscan Renewal Center, (Piper Hall),

October 21, 2021 @ 7.30 pm Arizona time

Limited to (60) member seating.


"Mineralogy of Arizona-Fourth Edition”
Presented by Dr. Raymond Grant

OCTOBER meeting is on 3rd Thursday. 

* RSVP required as seating limited to (60) members


* No refreshments

MEETING will be both (In-Person and Zoom).

Our October 21st program will be presented by Dr. Raymond Grant on “Mineralogy of Arizona-Fourth Edition.”  Ray will talk about the new Edition of the Mineralogy of Arizona as described below:

A new edition of the Mineralogy of Arizona (4th ed.) will be published in the Spring of 2022 authored by Raymond W. Grant, Ronald B. Gibbs, Harvey W. Jong, Jan C. Rasmussen, and Stanley B. Keith. It has been 26 years since the last edition was published in 1995. During that time over 200 additional minerals have been found in Arizona bringing the total number of mineral species recorded from Arizona described in this edition to 992. New chapters have been added on Arizona Gemstone and Lapidary Materials, Arizona Fluorescent Minerals and Arizona Mineral Occurrences. The book is enhanced by the addition of over 300 color photographs of minerals. The Arizona Mineral Occurrences Chapter describes the formation of minerals in Arizona over geologic time. The mineral district maps in the appendix have information for each district about the igneous rock association, the metals present, and the age of the deposit in million years ago. They are precisely-drawn, color-coded maps showing the boundaries and characteristics of the mineral districts that can help collectors find new mineral localities.

Ray has been very fortunate in being able to travel to many places around the world on geology and mineral collecting trips, to countries like Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Morocco, Nepal, Jordan, Russia, Australia, and many more. Each trip is a talk itself, so this program will just give some highlights of each place.

Ray is President of Pinal Geology & Mineral Society and Curator/Director of Pinal Geology & Mineral Museum located in Coolidge, Arizona. Ray is on Mineralogical Society of Arizona Board of Governors as recent Past MSA President. Ray received his Geology from Harvard University (1968) and was Professor of Geology at Mesa Community College 1975-2001 and part time 2001-2006. He is a 2014 MSA Hall of Famer, MSA Milestone Life Member, MSA President 1976-1977 and 2012-2013, Past Chairman of Flagg Mineral Foundation. He is author of the Checklist of Arizona Minerals, first edition (1982) and second edition (2007) and coauthor with Anthony, Williams, and Bideaux of the Mineralogy of Arizona, third edition (1995) and Ray is honoree of mineral species: Raygrantite. Visit Mindat for photo and details about Raygrantite:

Mark the date on your calendars as Mineralogical Society of Arizona is honored and proud to have Dr. Grant present this very special program!

Thank you, Ray for your long-standing membership and support of MSA!

* RSVP required as seating limited to (60) members


* No refreshments

Meeting starts at 7.30PM Arizona time.


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